Sapporo International Exchange Camp

Sapporo International Exchange Camp

Alternative Village Sapporo = Tôbetsu

Paralleling the Convergence Center in Tôbetsu

Open from July 3-6 (From July 1-9 for Staff)

Meeting Site:
Tôbetsu City Disaster Prevention and Relief Center (Old Tôbetsu City
Ritsuchû Koya Middle School)
Hokkaido, Tôbetsu City, Katsuji Koya 579-8

Contact (Provisional)
Cellular Phones: 090-2738-7167、090-6515-2599



By Public Transportation
From Nakakoya Station on the Gakuen Toshi Line:
About 1.5 km, Roughly 20 minutes by foot

From Hokkaido Iryô Daigaku Station on the Gakuen Toshi Line:
About 10 km, Roughly 1 hour 30 minutes by foot

By Car

From Sapporo, take Highway 275 towards Tsukigatachi for 40 minutes
* There is a parking area.
* The access isn’t great, so we are making arrangements for buses.

For timetables and other constantly updated details, please visit the

Usage Fees:
We propose you chip in between 500 and 1,000 yen.
(There will be a difference in usage fees for people who pitch tents and
those who sleep in the schoolhouse.)

What to Bring:
If you bring tents, sleeping bags, and warm clothes, you’ll be comfortable.

Communal kitchen, Music Fest, Film Fest, puppet-making workshop, and much,
much more!

If you’d like to offer a workshop, please use the contact information above
to let us know. During the camp, we will also take on the spot requests.



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